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Getting Started

Welcome to the Office of Court Improvement's (OCI's) Domestic Violence Interactive Courtroom. You are about to preside in a civil injunction for protection against domestic violence case. The case number is #19-01DV Martin v. Martin. The OCI's virtual courtroom is designed to introduce judges, court staff and case workers to issues and challenges that typically arise in civil domestic violence cases, such as:
  • Conflicting testimony
  • Lack of counsel
  • Paternity
  • Child support
  • Allegations of violations
hearing opening

This training program presents video scenarios and pertinent documents related to pro se parties engaged in a civil domestic violence injunction case. Each scene is viewed from the judge's perspective. After some testimony or argument, the judge is called upon to rule, to grant or deny a motion, issue an order, or enter a finding. At that point, each participant acting as a judge is asked to enter his or her ruling. Participants then receive feedback from the program which suggests why their answer may or may not have been the most appropriate.